Flying & floating in the sky, with wind brushing up against your face, while you soak in the mesmerizing view of Wadi Rum desert below is a dream come true. The balloon ride starts early in the day during sunrise. All the passengers are transferred from camp to the balloon launch site, which is selected based on wind speed and direction (which can be different every day). Once the passengers are inside the hot air balloon, it is inflated and launched. The one-hour flight will have you experience the majestic Wadi Rum desert from above in amazement.
The hot air balloon accommodates around 15-16 persons per ride. Booking for the flight has to be done prior. It should be noted that the flight can get cancelled because of bad weather conditions. The flight time is 1 hour, however, the total duration including transfers to and from camp takes about 3 hours.

Note:- Please contact Captain Khaled for reservations, prices and conditions

  • Transfers are NOT included: meeting point with the Balloon team is in Wadi Rum Visitors Center in the early morning so guests will need a transfer from our camp. Cost: 30JD per car
  • For reservations, contact Captain Khaled: 00962797300298

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