Camel Tours – Witness the Unique Landscape and Dunes of Wadi Rum on a Camel

Camels were widely used as a primary form of transport throughout the Middle East. Bedouin has ridden camels across the desert for generations which allows you to travel deep into the beauty of the Jordan, following the ancient root and taking an insight into the lifestyle of camel caravans.

At Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp, we start our camel tour from Wadi Rum Village where you will meet our local guide and introduced to the camels, eagerly waiting for you. We will take you to the famous locations of Wadi Rum where you can capture fascinating pictures with camels along the way. When the Arabian sun sets behind the beautiful mountains, you can simply sit, relax, and take the pleasure of changing colours of the desert.

You can explore the best of Wadi Rum on the back of a camel with our hand-picked guides and feel like you’ve been sent back in time. The trip with our experienced Bedouin guide can be scheduled as per your preferences, having both options from one hour trip up to one day (on request) .

Come forward and opt for a traditional Bedouin way to explore Wadi Rum’s landscapes!