"Only 1 .5 hours from Petra, Jordan's Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. It is filled with unbelievable rose sandstone mountains, canyons and dunes. "

Enjoy the magical sunset outside our new luxury desert tents with buffet and campfire.

Who we are

All of our guides were experienced local guides borne and raised in Wadi Rum. Because of our great love we have for our homeland, it a pleasure for us to share with you the very best of bedouin life in our village and in the desert.

With its many peaks and variety walks that offer endless trekking and climbing possibilities, Wadi Rum is the world’s foremost desert climbing and hiking areas.  We have many tours and excursions including trekking, climbing, jeep tour or camel safari etc. MORE


Our New Camp

Situated in a wonderful place in Wadi Rum protected area, our new luxury camp has big tent in traditional Bedouin style for eating & sitting, a fire place with Bedouin music, clean toilettes & showers facilities. The camp site is also a perfect place to watch the sunset!

Breakfast includes Continental & Arabic. Dinner includes traditional Bedouin dishes, composed of chicken or lamb meat, rice, vegetables & fruits. Buffet-styled. MORE

Our Most Popular Tours

2 DAY TREKKING & CAMEL TOUR – Day 1: Lawrence’s Spring, Khazali Canyon (inscriptions 8000 B.C.), Um Mafruth arch.  Day 2: Burdah Arch and an easy Bedouin road. More details
3 DAY TREKKING & BEDOUIN ROADS -Day 1: Easy Beduin road, Rakabat Canyon, then, Um Ashrin valley, Infasheh inscriptions (3000 B.C), Burdah Arch. Day 2 & 3: Jebel Rum Traverse, Jebal Um-Ishrin or Jebel Khazali. More details

We are happy to customize any tour for you. Please tell us what you need here.