Z4 Day Scrambling & Hiking to Two Summits

The two summits are Jebel Hash & Jebel Um ad Damy. Jebel Um ad Damy is the highest in Jordan and is situated on the border with Saudia Arabia. We will spend 3 nights outside.


The morning consists of a two-hour trek along an easy Bedouin road and passing through Rakabat Canyon, a narrow gully used by Beduin to bring their goats to pasture. After descending Um Ashrin valley, we will walk across the sand for two hours to visit the Infasheh inscriptions which date back to 3000 B.C. Then we will stop for lunch under Infasheh mountain. In the afternoon we will walk through the desert to admire the different coloured sands, ranging from bright white to deep purple, passing incredible rock formations. In the

evening, we will arrive at Burdah Arch where we will set up camp.


We will start off with trekking and a little scrambling over pale yellow sandstone slabs to Burdah Arch. There will be a short climb with ropes for safety just before the arch. We will enjoy awe-inspiring views across the whole region on top of the arch, the largest in the whole of Wadi Rum. We then descend via a steepish crack or return the way we came from which is an easier option. After lunch, we will hike about two hours up the mountain to Um Umgour where we will camp for the night in a cave that has sheltered the Bedouins throughout the centuries.


After breakfast, we will ride a jeep to Agilan from where we will start our trek up Jebel Hash. After an easy two hours walk up to the summit, you will be rewarded with an awesome view of the deserts and landscapes of Wadi Rum. After the summit we will descend by a different route and to Wadi Nugrah and stop for a well deserved lunch. After lunch, we will head south towards the Saudi border and traverse a narrow canyon to Wadi Sabet. From there we will cross the sands to our place where we will camp at the bottom of Jebel Um ad Dami, the highest mountain in Jordan.


We will trek for four hours up and down Jebel Um ad Dami. The summit offers incredible views of the landscape of Wadi Rum as well as the landscape of Saudia Arabia. After a nice relaxing break followed by yet more Beduoin tea, a jeep will take us back to Wadi Rum.

For 2 people : 320 JD per person
For 3 to 4 people : 280 JD per person
For 5 to 6 people : 240 JD per person

  • English-speaking guide
  • Accommodation in our private camp
  • Transport
  • Food