Wadi Rum offers an endless number of hiking and scrambling opportunities for active travelers. Whether it is a peaceful walk through the soft sands or a lengthy scramble up to a mountain peak, there is something for everyone in our desert. No matter which route you take, Wadi Rum is certain to imprint itself in your memory.

We offer a wide-range of hiking and scrambling tours which take you to all corners of the Wadi Rum Protected Area. Each of our routes provide breathtaking views of the desert landscapes and some of the trails have been used by the Bedouins for many generations.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore the desert on foot for just a couple of hours or up to several days if they wish. For hikers spending the night in the desert, an experienced guide will lead you on your route to ensure your safety. Some highlights of hiking and scrambling in Wadi Rum are the Burdah Bridge, a large natural rock arch, and Jebel Um Adaami, the highest point in Jordan, providing spectacular views of Wadi Rum and into Saudi Arabia. Rakkabat Canyon is also a favorite day trip for our guests as they can hike and scramble directly from the Wadi Rum Village to our camp out in the desert.