For a touch of romantic adventure, explore the magic of Wadi Rum with Rum Balloon!

hotairballoonYour balloon ride experience starts when our cheerful balloon crew greets you just before sunrise in Wadi Rum. From there we check the prevailing wind conditions and choose the best launch site for the day. As hot air balloons direction and speed is determined solely by the wind direction and speed, every day is different!

Once the launch site is chosen, our flight crew whisks you away to the desert site where the inflation of the balloon begins. During the inflation, watch in amazement and see just how big the balloon is as it comes to life! Then it’s up, up and away for the experience of a lifetime!

– Flights take place early morning
– Duration is approximately 1 hour but allow around 2 hours for total experience
– Balloon capacity: 8 passengers

130 JD per adult, 65 JD per child under 16