Hiking & Scrambling

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Project Description

Millennia of erosion resulted in wonderful mountains on Wadi Rum’s desert sands, a place of dramatic beauty and an ideal environment for trekking.Wadi Rum is a place of dramatic beauty which provides an ideal environment for trekking. Millennia of erosion have formed wonderful mountains rising out of the Wadi Rum’s desert sands.

Trekking is one of the most rewarding ways of discovering the wadis (valleys), jebel (mountains) tops, canyons and vast sand dunes and learn about the Beduin who inhabit these arid lands. Trekking in the desert, in addition, offers a real treat for all of your senses as well as giving you a well deserved break away from the hustle and bustle of city life.Standing amid this wonderful landscape where the red rocks rise up to meet the deep blue sky, the illusion of Wadi Rum will soon work its magic on you!

We have developed a range of trekking adventures which involve walking for a few hours per day on desert trails and soft sands, as well as scrambling on the jebels themselves.

When climbing on the jebels we will usually be following routes which have been used for generations by Bedouin hunters and shepherds.No previous trekking experience is required and everyone can walk at his or her pace. The Beduin guide will carry a climbing rope, which may be used on exposed sections to reassure group members who are not confident scramblers.

The journeys made on foot involve the support of a trek crew to carry personal belongings, along with food and cooking equipment. You will camp each night under the stars. An experience you will never forget.