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Project Description

Very little fixed gear is available on the cliffs. Most of the protection is done by nuts, mechanical devices or slings. The rock is a soft sandstone which needs a particular approach. It simply means that any climb, even in the lower grades, should not be taken lightly.

‘Route-finding is a permanent challenge, and the descents are mainly by long abseils and tricky passages.’ – Wilfried Colonna, Mountain guide.

Drawing on my family’s long experience in these mountains (my grand-father Sheikh Hamdan and my father Hamad Hamdan), I am very pleased to guide you on all kinds of ascents, up to french grade 5+/6a in perfect safety.

Please bring your personal equipment such as climbing boots, harness, helmet. All other technical gear can be provided by us. We will also provide jeep transfer, overnight camps bivouacs and food. Please see General Information for more details.

If you are experienced in adventure climbing and you do not want a guide, then I can arrange the necessary logistic assistance and back up in the desert. I can take you to the start of the climbs, give you useful and necessary advice, pick-up your team after descent, organise your night camp and provide you with water and food.

This is very useful for larger parties when various teams are climbing in widely separated areas.

‘Everything is possible for our friends. The climbers have a very special place in our hearts!’ – Mohammed Hamad Hamdan


SEE MAPS FOR CLIMBING (Left portion of GALLERY page)